People of African Descent in the 21st century: knowledge and cultural production in reluctant sites of memory

14 September 2018 at The Engine Shed, Bristol, UK.

Conference funded by 

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Website: Hashtag: #reluctsitesofmemory


 9:30-10.00: Registration, coffees and teas.

10am: Opening Remarks by Professor Neil Sammells, Deputy Vice Chancellor and Provost, Bath Spa University, UK

10.10-10.50: Dr Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman, University of Bristol, UK

“My Journey in Our Struggle”

 10.50-11.30: Dr Joanna Burch-Brown, University of Bristol, UK

“Stories and lessons from Bristol’s Countering Colston campaign”

11.30-12.10: Dr Angelina Osborne, Historian-Independent Researcher

“The Challenges when Teaching Enslavement”, UK


 13.00-13.40: Professor Ana Lucia Araujo, Howard University, USA

“Public Memory and Collective Memory of Slavery in the homes of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson”

13.40-14.20: Dr Nina Reid-Maroney, Huron University College, Canada “History “Underground: African Canadian Heritage Sites and Historiographies of Freedom”

14.20-14:40: Dr Adeola Dewis, Visual artist and Performer, Wales, UK

“Boke: inside out and ‘round about”


15.00-15.40: Mr Roger Griffith, Social Activist and Broadcaster, UJIMA Radio

“My American Odyssey: From The Windrush to The White House”

15.40-16.20: Mr Michael Ohajuru, Senior Fellow Institute of Commonwealth Studies

“The John Blanke project”

15.20-15.40: Prof Julia O’Connell Davidson, University of Bristol, UK

“Appropriation of the past, Politics and Migration”

16.40-17.00: Closing remarks, Professor Bambo Soyinka, Bath Spa University, UK