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Bath Spa University (Lead Institution)

South East Wales Racial equality Council (Project Partner)


Members of the Network

Dr Olivette Otele: Principal Investigator

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Prof Ana Lucia Araujo, Howard University, USA

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Dr Adeola Dewis: Visual Artist and Performer, UK

Adeola Dewis

Prof Iftikhar Malik: Bath Spa University, UK

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Prof Julia O’Connell Davidson: University of Bristol, UK

Julia O'Connell Davidson

Dr Nina Reid-Maroney: Huron University College, Canada

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Dr Shawn Sobers: University of West England, UK

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Mr David Phillips, CEO of South East Wales Racial Equality Council (SEWREC): Project Partner

Brian Amos, SEWREC

Donald Mutale, SEWREC



Prof Martha S. Jones, Johns Hopkins University, USA

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Prof Jean Hebrard, Johns Hopkins University, USA and EHESS, France

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Prof Myriam Cottias, CNRS, CIRESC, EHESS, France


Back-a-Yard, People’s Collection. Wales UK


Links to other collaborative projects (through PI’s involvement)


Phantoms of the Past

Disrupted Histories